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Revenue decrease in Macau casinos

Global gaming revenues have fallen noticeably following the crackdown on corruption and money laundering by the Chinese government. Macau has been particularly affected, with gaming revenues in the Chinese Special Administrative Region expected to slump by a third this year — to the lowest since 2010. This represents a dramatic change from recent years, as gaming revenue had surged tenfold since American casinos were granted permission to operate in Macau.

A shift from Las Vegas Strip to East Asia

The gaming at Las Vegas Strip peaked in 2007 with revenues of $6.83 billion. However, the figure declined to $5.55 billion in 2009. This can be attributed to the economic recession and consequent fall in consumer discretionary spending. The casino industry at the Strip was worst hit by the economic slowdown and it has still been unable to reach the pre-recession levels. Gaming in the region started to rebound since 2010 and the revenues grew to $6.50 billion in 2013. On the other hand, Macau has seen a rapid growth in gaming over the past few years and we believe it will continue to drive growth for casino operators in the coming years.







An interested topic about gaming entertainment


Although Macau is the only place that allows operating casinos in China, the revenue have been continues falling in the past two years owing to the anti-corruption from China government.

The reason why casinos suffered depressed revenue performance since most of their income coming from the VIP marker, while the government’s anti-corruption drive has made it dangerous for Chinese people to flaunt their wealth to casinos. As shown in the table, the money from VIP market decreased dramatically from +13% to -37%.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.41.28 am



The number of Junkets that run baccarat games under a profit-sharing arrangement decrease. 30 out of 200 licensed junkets went bust.



Unemployment rate increase due to restriction of human resources and shut down of casinos. Compared to past, less people will travel to Macau that discourage the development of travel industry and recovery gambling entertainment industry.



Government start to launch its austerity plan. Each government department will have to cut a range of expenses in its budget by 5-10 percent ,but welfare expenditure and funds earmarked for investment and development are not affected. Secondly, the government relax Macau visa rules that allows travelers holding mainland China passports can now stay seven days in Macau, up from five days currently. The relaxation of visa rules aims to maintain the vip vistors.



Casinos Diversify their operations. For example, Broadway Macau provides the Broadway, hotel, casino, restaurants, Broadway theatre, street performance, shopping . in the other hand, casinos also switch from VIP to mass floor as domination strategy.



Discover how gaming entertainment converges with the hospitality industry in terms of its economical and social impact

Economic Impact

1.Attract tourists from all over the world

Take Macau as an example, many tourist go to Macau is mainly because of the casinos that they have. Without casinos, they will not have that much tourises.


2.Create job opportunities

Since many tourists come to the casinos, it also brings a hing demand on hotels, restaurants, etc. So that they will hire many workers to deal with the demand


3. Increase GDP

The revenue gain in casinos will also create a multiplier effects to further increase GPD.


4. Revenue depends on economic environment

If the economic worldwide is not good, there will be less people go to casinos to play. So the revenue of casinos will be affected negatively. If economic is good, revenue will be affected positively. 



Social Impact

1.Strike the illegal gambling

With much opportunities to gamble, people do not need to gamble in illegal place which there are many problems of personal safety.


2. Build up reputation

More people around the world will know about Macau that is famous in casinos, so it will increase their reputation and encourage positive competition.

Information and service offerings for different types of clubs and theme parks.

  • Regional theme park



Theme: Providing a Civil War atmosphere and equipments with the former name as Rebel Railroad. The change for it is to rename as Goldrush Junction with the theme of resembling Wild west. The park sits on 125 acres in the foothills of the Great smoky mountains in Pigeon Forge Tennesse.


Features: all the rides of an amusement park with the culture of the smoky mountains. Including crafts like blacksmithing, glass blowing and wood carving. Hosting festivals, concerts and musical events.





It is partly owned by the Lego Group located in Denmark. The image for it in audience is the

brightly colored plastic bricks, gears, minifigures and assembled to create models of almost anything.

Theme: there are rides for the young families. Roller coasters that are not as extreme as the normal found in theme parks. Each features a miniland made up of millions of bricks that create models of landmarks and scenes from all around the world.





Capacity as 110-acres. It is Wildlife preserve located in Orlando Florida.

Theme: a close-up view for the Florida animals in their native habitat. Creation came from the bought second-most-travel highway in Florida after World War 2.

Features: alligators, crocodiles, breeding marsh, reptilian shows, petting zoo, swamp walk, educational programs and train rides. Even some shows offered: Gator Jumparoo featuring alligators jumping four to five feet out of the water to retrieve food. Alligator wrestling show that wranglers catch an alligator by hand. Visitors could also meet wildlife fro around the globe.





  • Chain theme parks


-Three Sea World Parks located in California, Florida, Texas.

Themes: marine and animal attractions, educational exhibits. Sea world is based on the creatures of the sea. Guests can pet dolphins and other fish; watch shows featuring shamu, the famous killer whale and learn more knowledge for the components of sea. There are countless exhibits feature everything from stringers to penguins.



-Busch Gardens are located in Tampa, Florida, and Williamsburg, Virginia, with features of

exciting thrill rides and attractions in addition to large zoos and safari parks.

Theme: old country. Atmosphere for the 17th century charm of the European-style with a travelling around the nine authentically detailed European hamlets. Later change as Dark continent of Busch Garden in Tampa has a distinctly African theme.



-Aquatica is located in Orlando with the Theme of southern pacific and features Australian and New-Zealand-based mascots featuring the Dolphins and marine life like the Ocean Park in Hong Kong.






  • Clubs

-Sports club

A sports club or sport club, sometimes athletics club or sports society or sports association, is a club for the purpose of playing one or more sports. Sports clubs range from organisations whose members play together, unpaid, and may play other similar clubs on occasion, watched mostly by family and friends, to large commercial organisations with professional players which have teams which regularly compete against those of other clubs and attract sometimes very large crowds of paying spectators. Clubs may be dedicated to a single sport or to several (multi-sport club).

The term athletics club is sometimes used for a general sports club, rather than one dedicated to athletics proper.




-Yacht Clubs

Mostly located by the sea, although there are some that have been established at a lake or riverside locations. Yacht or sailing clubs have either a marina or a delimited section of the beach or shoreline with buoys marking the areas off-limits for swimmers as well as safe offshore anchorages. On shore they also include a perimeter reserved for the exclusive use of the members of the club as well as a clubhouse with attached bar, café or restaurant where members socialize in a pleasant and informal setting.

Although the terms Yacht Club and Sailing Club tend to be synonymous, some general differences regarding the recreational use of boats can be broadly outlined. Historically a Yacht Club tended to focus on a membership composed of yacht owners, including motorboats. This type of club often was extremely exclusive, attracting the aristocracy or the high class and leaving small boat owners out of the circle. On the other hand, a Sailing Club tended to focus on a membership composed exclusively of owners of sailboats, including smaller boats such as dinghies. These became very popular towards the end of the 19th century when small boats began to be produced on an industrial scale.



-Special parents associate clubs

Every child with special needs can benefit from extra curricular activities and ideally within their own community. More and more clubs are becoming inclusive environments for children with disabilities which is a move in a positive direction. In some cases where more support is needed than can be accessed in a local mainstream club, sporting clubs, activity groups and music groups are now offering classes and activities where extra support mainly through volunteers is provided.

National disability sports and recreational organisations are also provided.



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Interesting topic for further research

Voluntary organization

It was touched on the last lesson for this topic. A deeper analysis for the definition and the components of voluntary organization would be discussed in the following for the history, legal status and the freedom of right as a formal organization.


Common examples include trade associations, trade unions, learned societies and professional associations, environmental groups, and various other types of groups. Membership is not necessarily voluntary, as it may be effectively required in order to work, which has led to a preference for the term common-interest association to describe groups which form out of a common interest. (1) Associations may also be incorporated rather than unincorporated; for example, in the United States associations gained additional powers by incorporating.

Strictly speaking, in many jurisdictions no formalities are necessary to start an association. In some jurisdictions, there is a minimum for the number of persons starting an association. Some jurisdictions require that the association register with the police or other official body to inform the public of the association’s existence. This could be a tool of political control, and also a way of protecting the economy from fraud. In many such jurisdictions, only a registered association is a juristic person whose membership is not responsible for the financial acts of the association




Voluntary groups are a broad and original form of nonprofit organizations, and have existed since history. In Greece, there were various organizations ranging from elite clubs of wealthy men (2) to private religious or professional associations.


In pre-industrial societies, governmental administrative duties were often handled by voluntary associations. (3) Merchant/ businessmen guilds enforced contracts through embargoes and sanctions on their members, and also adjudicated disputes.





-Legal status

In most countries, an unincorporated association does not have separate legal personality, and few members of the association usually enjoy limited liability. (4) However, in some countries they are treated as having legal reponsibility for taxes.


Associations that are organized for profit or financial gain are usually called partnerships. (5) A special kind of partnership is a co-operative which is usually founded on one person—one vote principle and distributes its profits according to the amount of goods produced or bought by the members. Associations may take the form of a NGO which does not mean that the association cannot make benefits from its activity, but all the benefits must be reinvested. Most associations have some kind of document or documents that regulate the way in which the body meets and operates. Such an instrument is often called the organization’s bylaws, regulations, or agreement of association.






-Freedom of association

It is referred to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the rule (6)


Rule/Article 11

  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.
  2. No restrictions shall be placed on the exercise of these rights other than such as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This article shall not prevent the imposition of lawful restrictions on the exercise of these rights by members of the armed forces, of the police or of the administration of the State.


Rule/article 20

  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
  2. No one may be compelled to belong to an association.







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Recent trends and new development

  1. Enhancing the participation

One of the reasons is the lack of time most are due to the working conditions for example the night shifting and the home-based occupations or extending working hours for weekend works. This seriously affecting the health psychologically and physically.   Method: Create more opportunities for causal and and unstructured activities. Basketball, skateboarding, fitness centers, etc. Also, laws could be legalized for the normal working hours regulated by the organizations.

  1. Agencies are pioneering new funding methods

We have to remember that the “new normal” of shrinking municipal budgets doesn’t necessarily mean there is less public support or demand. Getting creative to maximize this demand and bolster your revenue can be critical. In fact, during the recession those agencies and special districts that invested in revenue-producing facilities fared better than others.

  1. Programs to park attendance


The public likes programs in parks. When there are programs in parks attendance is stronger. When you don’t have programs in parks it can lead to a slew of consequences – less use, less public support, reduced budgets and more.


  1. Discussion on leisure internet


Related in 2008, this LinkedIn group has over 6000 members. Great discussions take place about everything from marketing and technology to safety and program ideas. This is a great place to talk to other people who are in the same position.


  1. Strengthen relationship by using technology

As an easy tool for the socialization of recreation, as people are seeking connections with similarly experienced and like-minded people. Some people do have problems for connecting the outdoor recreations like the disabled people.






Disney Field Trip

On 29 October, we had a field trip visiting Disneyland Resort and the theme park. We first walk around the hotel then we moved to the theme park.


“Disney’s Hospitality in Practice” provides us with an opportunity to know more about the hospitality industry in a real life example, outside the lectures. We visited the hotel and the theme park at Disneyland with a cast member guide.


Some experience and the important knowledge that are valuable for students studying hospitality after the field trip of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and of Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

Purpose of the Disneyland Field trip

This Disneyland Field trip provides an opportunity to discover more about the basic aspect of hospitality services and give us a chance to gain an invaluable insight into the uniqueness of Disney Guest Services and acquire a better understanding of the operation and management of Disneyland resort. On top of these, it provides a better review to the students who are interested in learning more about the career in hotel or recreation industry.

Core Values of the Disneyland resort

  • Disney Quality Standards
    • Safety is to make sure no matter front desk of back office, both guest and cast members play and work in a safe environment.
    • Courtesy means the cast member should recognize the diverse nature of guest, respecting appreciating and valuing everyone and acknowledging the importance of every guest as an individual and be polite.
    • Show means deliver flawless and professional presentations everyday while maintain a clean, neat and organized work location.
    • Efficiency means cast members should work together as a team and provide good services for guest for them to manage time efficiently for their trip.
  • Service with heart
    • Approachable
    • Polite
    • Knowledgeable
    • Helpful
    • Patient
    • Attentive

Valued-added service in Hotel
TV Area
Generally, the type of customers visiting the Disneyland hotel are families with children. When designing the service scope, Disneyland has considered that children would be less patient when their parents are doing some formal procedures in the hotel, such as check-in/ out. From the point of view of the children, they probably consider this process is a boring activity and could easily bother their parents during the check-in/out process. In order to ease parents’ stress of taking care of their children during the check-in/out process as well as let the children more entertained, a TV area playing some classic Disney cartoon was established just next to the front-desk. This kind of consideration is just reflecting one of the Hospitality mindset – Attentive.


Here is the are for children to enjoy Disney’s movies and wait for their parents.

Storybook playroom

There is a storybook playroom available for children to experience the fantasy Disney world of discovery and adventure. The door design of the storybook playroom was just like a book, creating the illusion that children are going to enter into a giant story book of a wonder Disney world. There are a lot of activities that children can do in the storybook playroom, such as playing their own creative story in different themed areas, crafting art work as well as enjoying Disney’s story time and movies. What is more, in order to provide a hygiene environment, it will be cleaned for 15 minutes in every hour.


IMG_5122 Girls will be dressed up in here and take some photos of being a princess. Make-up services are provided. (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique)

Kingdom Club
Special guests would be able to enjoy service provided by the Kingdom Club. There are free food for guests as breakfast and snacks for children. During night time, kids can hear bed time story told by Mickey and Minnie here. Guests can even have check in/out in here. IMG_5133IMG_5134

Special facilities in the hotel room

Children are the main target customers of Disneyland hotel. In addition to providing entertainment services to the little guests, their safety is also a major concern when designing the service scope. According to the Disney quality standards, safety is the number one priority for the report. Therefore, a lot of special services or facilities are provided for the safety of children in the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel. For example, parents can request for a baby cot or bed rails from the hotel for the purpose of preventing kids from rolling off the bed. Another example, a step-stool was placed in the bathroom for kids to climb on to reach the sink. All these actions are all complying with Disney’s statement, “We are all responsible for the safety of our guests and fellow Cast Members”.


To prevent children falling down from bed to floor.


To welcome the guests for staying in the hotel.


Birthday decoration will be provided upon requested by guests.IMG_5109.JPG

Some special events will be posted near the entrance to welcome the guests.


Hidden Mickey is everywhere in order to fulfill the Disney Quality Standards (SHOW).

Step-stool in the bathroom

After it, we finished visiting the hotel and moved on discovering the service keys in Disneyland. Before entering the theme park, we came across the information center and found that the layout was specially designed with the spirit of empathy. The size of its front desk is much shorter than the standard and it is because it was designed for disabled people and also the main customers -children. The staff in the office sit on a lower sight level when communicating with visitors which shows lot of respect and care to the honorable customers.


Then there is a package express near the ticket office where visitors can leave their luggage and huge belongings before getting into the park. Normal visitors will be charged $80 per each package but  this service is free of charge for the premium Disney member.


Next, right behind the restaurant there is a quiet cozy corner set up with First Aid and Baby Care Center facilities for visitors in need. Those parents carrying their children can have a convenient and private place to change their babies.

The First Aid center has serial rooms with medicines and beds for emergency.
The above facilities have reflected how Disney empathize on safety as one of their service standards, that is to be responsible for the safety of the Guests.


After passing though the main street there is a pavilion with a board announcing the time slots of the shows around Disney park. Cast members are all willing to help visitor for providing information or introduce you the surrounding facilities.


IMG_5138There were also floor plans specially designed for blind people that included the whole layout and the right location with the Braille alphabet and map.




From these point of views, we can see that Disney really put much effort on fulfilling their promised service quality standards to the Guests and to make every interaction a magical moment. No wonder the fact that Disneyland is the top hospitality service industry even in the world.